Tuesday, May 17, 2011

paedophile in the church

Today I`m gonna talk about paedophilia in the church, a topic very serious in our society especially for all cases occurred in the last time.
The paedophilia is an action punished for the society because, like all crime, it`s abuse of power. But in this situation the victim is a child, a helpless and innocence person that are faced with a dark side of sexuality.
I can`t say that the most catholic priest are molesters, is a generalization and is very unfair with honest priest.  For that reason I think that paedophile priest is an exception. However, there are a few molesters priest is very important because they are a persons with a lot of power with catholic so, they can to damage a lot. In that way, priests could force to child to do things that they don`t want to do through of religion; for example, threats to go to hell.
For the church this topic is not easy and I have the impression that in some cases of paedophilia, the high hierarchy has hidden and protected the molesters priest. So, the credibility of church are deplored and it has lost followers because this reason.
Really, I don`t know why exist paedophilia in the church or in the world. I suppose that it could be a diseases or a pleasure very harmful, awful and terrible. Is probably that the priest have a lot of sexual energy not channeled properly, but I don`t think that a solution are the lost of celibacy. For example, there are lots of person that not practice celibacy and they are paedophile. Honestly, I stop the paedophile in the church with control; control of parents and the same church.
However, is impossible prevent and stop the paedophilia in the church if the people blindly believe in the priest, believe in they like angel. This is the case of Karadima, a priest whit a lot of power on his believers that acting like a saint. Unfortunately, some young man fell in his game: they can`t bury to Karadime in due time.
Do you believe in this young man?

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